Email Marketing has existed over the years. It is considered the most effective method of marketing. Most marketers nowadays don’t believe email marketing is effective.

However, it has been proven to be the best communication tool you can use to communicate with prospective customers with best email marketing tools.

Through the use of email marketing, you can achieve cost-effectiveness. You can also be able to reach people and turn them into customers.

This article focuses on the top email marketing tools. You can use any of these to write perfect emails.

What is Email Marketing?

It’s important to understand the meaning of email marketing before you decide the best email marketing strategy that fits your business needs.

You can define email marketing as the commercial use of emails to communicate with prospective clients and regular customers.

By using email marketing, you can change more prospective clients into customers.

However, as a business person, you cannot sit all day sending and replying to emails from clients.

In this article, there are 25 best email marketing tools. Use them if you want to use an email marketing strategy for your business.

Importance of email marketing tools & services.

 If your business is not using email marketing, should they? The answer to your question is, yes!

Companies across the world have used email marketing as their marketing strategy for many years.

Some of the ways you can benefit from email marketing include;

  1. It is the most effective communication tool – How many times do you check your email daily? Statistics show that 90% of people check their emails daily. That’s more than any other communication tool. It tells you how many people you can reach through email marketing.
  1. Helps you create a personal list –Nobody can delete your list of subscribers. When using other social media platforms, losing your subscriber list is easy. 
  1. Email marketing converts more sales – It converts sales better than any other social media site. Consumers who get advertisements from emails tend to buy more than those advertisements they receive on social media.
  2. Low costs Businesses that use email marketing for advertisement spend less than those that use mainstream media. By just investing in email marketing software, you’re good to go.
  3. Easy to start Using email marketing is easy – You don’t need a big team to kick off. By using pre-designed templates or just a simple plain email, you can get the job done.
  4. Measured easily – You can track an email from when you send it to when it is received. Most email marketing tools have software that enables them to do this. Therefore, you can make changes can your campaign according to the reports from the email marketing tool.
  1. Reaching a global audience – Through email marketing, you can reach thousands of people across the world by just a click. Social media platforms can offer that, but the audience is unspecified. Email marketing delivers the message to the targeted audience.
  1. A high return on investment – In every business, the end result matters most. Most businesses around the world use email marketing for this specific reason.
  2. Consumers can share information – Email marketing is one of the marketing techniques that allows subscribers to share information with friends by just clicking a button. Through these, consumers advertise your brand to new markets without your knowledge.
  1. Sending targeted messages – When you use email list segmentation, you can know what information to send to a client. Business owners would be happy if they knew of a way of delivering emails to only targeted customers. Email marketing offers that.

26 Best emails marketing tools features, pricing and more.

As seen in the benefits listed above. Perhaps every business should adopt the email marketing strategy because of its effectiveness.

1. ConvertKit


This email marketing tool will work for you if you’re starting a business. ConvertKit can automate your emails and send targeted responses to your listed subscribers.

However, it requires you to have additional features. For example, autoresponders will enable you to send timed emails at any moment.

Therefore, ConvertKit enables easy exchanges between you and your subscribers.

Price & Plan:

  • 1000 subscribers: $29 per month
  • 3000 subscribers: $49 per month
  • 5000 subscribers: $79 per month
  • 5k+ subscribers: Custom pricing

If you’d want to try before you buy there’s a 14-day free trial that introduces all of the features.

2. AWeber


AWeber advance email marketing tool has a lot of tools which make it one of the best email marketing service. AWeber has an autoresponder tool that makes communication between you and your clients.

The autoresponder tool has pre-designed templates that can help you design emails fast.

AWeber has a feature that helps you to categorize your subscribers and know what they have bought from you.

Using AWeber, you can build your own apps. You can visit AWeber Labs to create time-saving tools.

These features help you understand your customers better. Then you can develop more relevant marketing strategies.

Price & Plan

  • 500 subscribers: $19 per month
  • 2,500 subscribers: $29 per month
  • 5,000 subscribers: $49 per month
  • 10,000 subscribers: $69 per month
  • 25,000 subscribers: $149 per month
  • 25,001+ subscribers: Get a custom quote


3. GetResponse


This email marketing tool and service will help you update your contact list and maintain a professional look in your marketing campaigns.

You can add customized fields to your contacts and copy contacts or conduct a search.

GetResponse has a tool that tracks how many subscribers receive your mails and how many did not.

You can also receive complaints from subscribers and also know about those who unsubscribed from your emails, including reasons why they subscribed.

A help and support section that includes FAQs, webinars, and tutorials. Live chat support is in place to solve any issues subscribers may experience.

Email plan:

  • Up to 1K subscribers: $15 per month
  • Up to 2.5K subscribers: $25 per month
  • Up to 5K subscribers: $45 per month
  • Up to 10K subscribers: $65 per month

Pro plan:

  • Up to 5K subscribers: $49 per month
  • Up to 10K subscribers: $75 per month

Max plan:

  • Up to 10K subscribers: $165 per month
  • Up to 25K subscribers: $255 per month

Enterprise plan:

Up to 100K subscribers: $1,199 per month

4. Constant Contact


Constant Contact can serve you well if you’re beginning on email marketing. This service has a feature that makes it easy to use.

With this simple email marketing tool, you can import data from your subscriber’s emails and create comprehensive reports out of them.

Some of the information you can get from using this tool includes, the number of clicks on links, opt-outs, social shares, etc.

Price & Plan

There are two plans to take from. Each of these plans divides down into pricing levels based upon the number of subscribers.

Email Plan:

  • 500 subscribers: $20 per month
  • 2,500 subscribers: $45 per month
  • 5,000 subscribers: $65 per month
  • 10,000 subscribers: $95 per month

Email Plus Plan:

  • 500 subscribers: $45 per month
  • 2,500 subscribers: $70 per month
  • 5,000 subscribers: $95 per month

For both kinds of plans, you’ll receive a 10% discount if you pay for 6 months at once, or 15% for 12 months.

5. Drip


Drip is a simple email marketing tool that enables you to automate emails mostly for e-commerce. You can integrate Drip with e-commerce services like Shopify and comprehensive data analysis.

With drip, you can design more customized messages for your clients, for example, messages for first-time buyers.

This tool helps you create emails that are more relevant to the recipients. By so doing, you can build relationships with your clients.

Starter plan: Free forever

  • Up to 100 subscribers
  • Unlimited email sends
  • Basic plan: $49 per month

Pro plan: $99 per month

  • Up to 2,500 subscribers
  • Unlimited email sends

Enterprise plan: Get a custom quote

  • Up to 5K subscribers
  • Unlimited email sends
  • 5,000+ subscribers

6. Cake Mail


If you have a small business, Cakemail got you. Its split A/B will help to ensure your emails don’t end up in the spam list.

This is by determining a spam assassin or the most ideal mailing list.

Cakemail small email marketing tool has ready-made templates you can use to create emails. You need to write a title for your email, choose the recipients, design the email and schedule emails.

It uses google analytics tools, which can help you to find reports on who opened, clicked, bounced or unsubscribed.

Price & Plan:

All plan includes the same features:

  • Send unlimited emails
  • Upload and manage your contacts
  • Easily build and edit email templates
  • Rely on free, unlimited customer support
  • 500 Subscriber $8/month
  • 1000 Subscriber $12/month
  • 2500 Subscriber $24/month
  • 5000 Subscriber $39/month
  • 10000 Subscriber $59/month
  • 25000 Subscriber $119/month

7. Litmus


Litmus is an email design marketing tool that can help you to market, design, and test your emails. You can do a test performance of your marketing campaigns easily by using traditional web clients and mobile devices.

Litmus is web-based and very easy to use. Just by dragging and dropping, you can edit your email before sending it.

You can either decide to create your email or use their read-made templates. By using litmus, you can also apply HTML changes and also view them.

Price & Plans:

Basic: $99 / mo (1 user)

Plus Best Value $199 / mo (5 users)

8. Campaign Monitor


Campaign Monitor lets you automate important things when you’re doing email marketing. You can automatically test, track, and optimize your emails before scheduling them to be sent.

This service provides a template builder which makes your emails to be read properly on mobile devices. Therefore, you won’t miss any opportunity due to the improper display of emails.

With the campaign monitor marketing tool, you can edit and personalize an email. This is by importing your HTML templates. It enables you to access the template editor.

Campaign Monitor has the autoresponders tool with which you can do data segmentation.

This helps to ensure the customized messages you send only reach the intended people.

Price & Plans:

Basic: $9 / month

  • 2,500 emails across campaigns and automated emails
  • Customer support via email
  • All core email marketing features
  • Insights analytics suite
  • Basic marketing automation
Unlimited: 29/month
  • Unlimited emails across campaigns and automated emails
  • Priority customer support via email
  • All core email marketing features
  • Insights analytics suite
  • Advanced marketing automation
  • Unlimited inbox previews
  • Time zone sending
  • Unlimited spam testing

Premier: 149/month

  • Unlimited emails across campaigns and automated emails
  • Premier phone and email support
  • All core email marketing features
  • Insights analytics suite
  • Advanced marketing automation
  • Unlimited inbox previews
  • Time zone sending
  • Unlimited spam testing
  • Pre-built engagement segments
  • Send-time optimization
  • Advanced link tracking
  • Email builder section locking


9. iContact


iContact comes with a user-friendly interface that is very easy to use.

It also has features that enable you to choose which one to use according to how deep you want to go in your campaign.

On the upper section of the home screen, you can create your email campaigns and then observe how they perform.

A set-up wizard is there to guide you through the whole process. Therefore, creating campaigns becomes easy.

iContact allows you to create a sign-up page where you can turn your prospective clients into frequent customers.

If you have a list of subscribers saved in excel or CSV file, you can import it to iContact.

The autoresponder tool will send automatic messages to subscribers in case of important events. For example, subscribers can receive birthday wishes on their birthdays.

Price & Plan

  • From 500 to 5 million+ subscriber
  • The monthly plan starts from $14 with 500 subscribers
  • Annual pricing reflects a 15% discount for 12 months pre-pays.

10. Leadpages

Email marketing by-Leadpage

Do you need to create smart landing pages?  Leadpages lets you do it without using tech-nerd shoes.

With this feature, you can create a variety of landing pages on your website. You can also edit landing pages freely using the editing template, up to 50 templates.

By using Leadpages can integrate your page with other digital marketing service platforms easily.

Price & Plan

  • STANDARD: $25 / Month
  • PRO: $48 / Month
  • ADVANCED: $199 / Month

All plan billed annually trail plan available.



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NinjaOutreach runs on a lead generation and influencer marketing software. You can use this software to automate your outreach and find emails.

With this tool, you can organize manual link building outreach campaigns and track them.

With the tracking feature, you can create reports out of the campaigns. You can know where to make improvements.

With NinjaOutreach, you can reach out to millions of leads, bloggers, and influencers from across the globe. Influencers offer social media marketing services for your business.

NinjaOutreach comes with a google chrome plugin that lets you search for leads quickly.

Its 24/7 customer support comes in handy whenever you have a problem. They also have video tutorials to guide you when you’re stuck.


NinjaOutreach offers four subscription plans:

Solo ($69/month), Pro ($99/month), Pro+ ($249/month), and Enterprise ($599/month)

12. ToutApp


ToutApp is all about functionality and many advanced features. This tool allows you to track emails that you’ve sent.

You can know which emails got delivered to recipients, emails that they read, the emails that were forwarded, and the attached files that subscribers opened.

ToutApp also allows you to schedule which messages you are planning to send at a time. The site interface is also mobile-friendly. Therefore, you can access it from your smartphone.

With CRM integration and analytics-enabled in ToutApp, You can track emails from the moment you send them to the time they are delivered.

ToutApp has a desktop alert feature that notifies you when an email is opened or forwarded. You can also offer customer support services using the email chat feature.



YesWare is similar to ToutApp. Using this tool, you can track the emails you send. It includes tracking delivery of the messages and knowing which ones were forwarded.

Through YesWare, you can know works and what does not. This is by using template-based analytics that come with this tool.

YesWare integrates CRM just like ToutApp, to help you track what your sales team is doing. This tool also offers desktop notification to alert you on what happens with emails you send.

There’s a built-in-dialer in case you need to make an urgent call to a customer.

14. MailChimp


MailChimp is the best free email marketing tool you can find for your business. This tool is mostly used because of its free feature and also because it’s easy to use with many advanced features.


They constantly update their features and each day you’ll find a new feature added.

MailChimp integrates with other social media sites. It also includes a well-designed template section that you can customize.

Advanced features include autoresponders, integration of marketing platforms, A/B testing, and time-zone based sending.

In case of any challenge, you can reach them on a 24/7 active customer service email chat and live chat.


MailChimp offers a free subscription for 2000 subscribers or 12,000 emails per month. For an unlimited account, the pricing starts from $10.

15. Keap (previously Infusionsoft)


Keap is one of the best email marketing service providers. This tool integrates many features like CRM and email marketing to bring out the best campaigns.

You can create customer profiles using this tool. You can segment them and design campaigns that are specific.

You can use Keap to create an automation builder. The automation builder helps you achieve the goals you set.

You set goals and then create an automation sequence. Keap also has customer segmentation and tagging features.

However, it lacks an important tool known as split testing. This makes it hard to test campaigns to understand which changes you should to make.



ActiveCampaign email marketing service primarily focuses on sending a few emails but achieving the best results.

This tool enables you to; segment subscribers, according to their behaviors, location, profiles, and their actions.

ActiveCampaign integrates the use of SMS services to send messages to clients. You can use it to create lead and contact scores that enable you to know who should you need to prioritize.

This tool also allows you to create sign up forms for site visitors. You can also customize campaigns using the template builder.


ActiveCampaign offer $7.65/month if you paid annually and goes up to $149/month for the full access.

17. MailerLite


MailerLite is among the latest and best email marketing tool. Its simplicity makes it easier to use. However, you need to understand the features that are simplified by this tool.

For beginners, it is the best because of its user-friendly interface. It helps you create email marketing campaigns faster.

MailerLite comes with different languages. Therefore, it will work for you if you’d like to communicate in any language.

It’s perfect if you want to maintain simplicity since it doesn’t have many advanced features.

Plans & Price

  • 1,000 Subscribers Free 12,000 Limited
  • 1,000 Subscribers $10 Unlimited All features
  • 2,500 Subscribers $15 Unlimited All features
  • 5,000 Subscribers $30 Unlimited All features
  • 10,000 Subscribers $50 Unlimited All features

18. SendInBlue


SendInBlue is one of the best latest and free email marketing services. However, its free feature is limited.

Previously, it was designed to send transaction-based emails. It now combines emails and SMS services in it in order to send campaigns.

SendInBlue’s pricing is determined by the volume of emails, not the size of your contact list. This makes it perfect for you in case you send a lot of emails.

SendInBlue also allows you to manage your contact list and optimize email layouts. However, to access more advanced features, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the advanced plans.


Sendinblue offers starts from $22.29/month and 40,000 emails/mo, Unlimited mail per day. The free plan also available lifetime 300 email per day.

19. Sender


Even without any HTML knowledge, Sender enables you to create awesome newsletters. It’s the best free email marketing tool that focuses on delivering.

Its analytics feature enables you to track who opened emails and which links were clicked on.

You can create customer profiles using this tool according to their behaviours and actions on your site.

This will help you optimize your current email marketing strategy and create more appealing offers.

Up to 2 500 subscribers with 15 000 emails/month for free
9€ Up to 60 000 emails/month
30€ 10000 emails/month 0.3 ct per email

20. OmniSend


OmniSend is one of the best email service providers. It integrates several communication platforms into one.

It has a free plan that works perfectly for small and medium businesses. This will help small businesses to reduce operating costs.

It allows you to communicate to customers at their convenient time through email marketing automation.

OmniSend has time-saving features like product-picker that enables you to select the products you need to write in your email. This ensures the newsletters you design are attractive.

You can optimize your email performance by including discount coupons, scratch cards, and gift boxes.

Price & Plan

  • STANDARD: $16/mo, 15,000 emails / mo
  • PRO: $199 /mo, unlimited emails/mo

21. Mailjet


Mailjet comes with tools that help you create effective campaigns. There are pre-designed templates that you can customize according to the recipient’s needs.

You can also add content to your email that lets you create a more personalized message to your client.

With such features, you can get optimum results from your email marketing strategy.

Mailjet makes it easy for you to manage your subscriber list on a single interface. This allows you to integrate this tool into your CRM.

Price & Plan

FREE Forever: 6,000 emails per month
200 emails per day

BASIC: $8.69/MO Billed annually
30,000 emails /MO
No daily sending limit

PREMIUM: $18.86 /MO Billed annually
30,000 emails per month
No daily sending limit

22. EmailOctopus


This email marketing service tool operates on the Amazon SES infrastructure. It has a free plan that does not offer many features like other free email marketing service platforms.

However, you can send unlimited emails using any email address. It means you can send more emails than using other free email marketing platforms in the market.

The fact that you can send using many emails makes it convenient for small entrepreneurs who represent other firms.

You can exchange consumer data across platforms because it integrates with other digital platforms like WordPress, Zapier, etc.

Price & Plan

  • Shrimp: 2500 Subscribers Free
  • Tuna: 1,0000 Subscribers $19/MO
  • Stingray: 50000 Subscribers $39/MO
  • Shark: 100,000 Subscribers $59/MO
  • Whale: 250,000 Subscribers $109/MO


23. Moosend


Moosend helps you to save time with the automation of repetitive tasks.  By understanding the behaviours of customers, you can use. Moosend to design behavioural email campaigns.

It has an advanced segmentation feature that enables you to send a customized message for a customer.

Moosend gives a detailed email campaign report. Using the report, you can optimize campaigns to get optimum results.

It can be integrated with other Apps to pass information across digital marketing platforms. Moosend also doesn’t include its logo on your emails.

Price & Plan:

The Moosend plan starts with 2,000 subscribers $10/MO

24. BombBomb


BombBomb is an email marketing service that allows you to interact with your client through videos.

Sometimes texting can become boring or unreliable. You can use BombBomb to exchange videos with customers and create relationships with prospective clients.

It lets you reach them anytime, because, you can exchange videos through email, social media platforms, or SMS. Videos spice up the message and make it more effective.

25. Zoho campaigns


Zoho campaigns email marketing services come with the best email marketing software. It runs on SaaS and cloud software suite, which makes it popular in the marketing industry.

It lets you create a list of subscribers. This list enables you to deliver more relevant content to subscribers.

Using Zoho campaigns lets you create automated follow-up and trigger-based emails. You can also compare different campaigns to come up with more relevant emails.

Price & Plan:


26. Benchmark Email


Benchmark Email allows you to design emails that look good, whether they are viewed on a computer or a mobile device.

It allows you to send a message more effectively by adding an image. You can edit an image on the Benchmark email by adding stickers, effects, or texts.

It allows you to choose from pre-designed templates or create your emails from scratch using a code-editor. This makes the process of creating your campaign simple.


The list above indicates that most email marketing service companies provide services that are almost the same.

However, the choice you’ll make will depend on your budget and specific needs you need to achieve.

This list will enable you to choose the email marketing service company that will suit your needs.

You need to remember that you’re not tied up to a certain email marketing provider. You can choose to move from one company to another if the current one doesn’t match your needs.

By comparing different companies, you can choose the best email marketing service, provider.

Using email marketing as a marketing strategy prevents your business from various risks. For any business that wants to adopt a digital marketing strategy, email marketing is the way to go.


Let us know your favourite email marketing tool in comments? thanks for reading our post.

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