Before diving into factors, Let’s understand On-page SEO first.

SEO Techniques refers to the optimization of Content within a Blog Post for the targeted keywords. There are many On-Page SEO techniques, We must use in 2019 to boost our Google rankings.

Here are 9 Latest On-page SEO Techniques to get your website ranked in Google –

  1. Quality of Content
  2. Title Tag
  3. URL Structure
  4. Image Optimization
  5. Internal Linking
  6. External Linking
  7. Page Loading Speed
  8. Responsive Website
  9. Meta Tags

You can see here detailed infographic for more information –

On Page SEO techniques


1. Quality of Content really matter in On Page SEO –

Firstly, Content of Page is the most important & foremost factor to rank in the Search Engine Results Page.  It is the only thing for which the user visits our website. This is also a significant ranking factor for Google.

We all know Google works on Rank Brain which is based on Artificial Intelligence, tracks the user behaviour cautiously.

If a user visits the website and instantly goes out of the website, It is a signal that your content has not satisfied the user intent. Search Engine drops your rankings immediately based on User behaviour.

Similarly, Before writing the content, You must understand the user Intent and How your content can help or educate the user in your chosen niche.

Google guidelines to write content

2. Write Relevant Title Tag –

Secondly, Whenever we write an article, we give it a title, or we can say the name of our blog post. There are two things which we need to keep in mind.

  • a) Keyword in Title Tag –

It would help if you research well about your targeted keyword on which you want to write your article. You must add your targeted keyword in your Title to ensure search engines and user what your article is all about.

  • b) The keyword must be in Beginning of Title –

You must add your keyword to the beginning of your Title. It is being seen that Blogs with Keyword in Beginning of Titles gets more clicks than others. Sometimes, It works as a Call To Action too.

  • c) Title must be in H1 Tag –

Usually, there are 6 heading tags, We use in WordPress. They are H1 to H6. Your title must be in H1 tag only.

Once you add your title,  You can reverify that you have only one H1 tag in your blog post by doing Inspect Element. By doing this, You can ensure only one H1 tag in your entire blog post.

Check this video by Ahrefs its really help me to create a click-worthy title !!

3 Steps To Execute The Skyscraper Technique

3. URL Structure –

URL structure gives a signal to search Engine about the structure of the Website. It is the most important ranking on-page SEO factors for a website.

Structure of the URL must specify the website content. Url must contain the category of blogs and clearly define the hierarchy of your Blog.

You need to keep in mind to exclude date/month/year – any numerical format from URL Structure.

Example of Best URL Structure


4. Image Optimization –

It is needed not to say how essential images are today. Images are more prone to get more conversions rather than only Text.

Always compress your image before uploading on website.

It is recommended to add Alt text in every image you use on your website. You must add the Keyword in the File name of your image and Alt Text column while uploading the image to your website.

When I say keyword here, Do not add your focused keyword here. Dilute your keywords with LSI or Synonyms then add to your images. It will help you to avoid keyword stuffing and maintaining keyword density also.

Here is the free tool to generate LSI Keywords.

5. Internal Linking –

You must link all of your pages to each other to transfer the authority in all Pages.

The first thing to keep in mind, your last page must be three clicks away from your home page. If any of your pages are left to link, then It will dilute your Domain authority.

A clean & well-structured website always helps in boosting organic rankings in the Search Engine Results Page.

Check your website structure here.

You can also add 2-3 Internal Links to your pages to pass authority among your all pages.

The best example of Internal Linking is Wikipedia.

Internal linking- Mybrandseo

6. Outbound Links –

Outbound links are the outgoing links which link to other websites. Why linking to someone else is so important, You must be thinking?

Outbound links are the relevancy signals that help Google to find out the blog post Topic.

It is always recommended to link your content to good authority sites.

7. Loading Speed Important Factors On Page SEO

To clarify, Google has recently launched a new Mobile amp update in Google webmaster also. It shows that how important is page speed of a website.

As per many surveys are done online, Users went back if the load time of a website is more than 4 seconds.

It is highly recommended to check your page Speed and to ensure the fastest loading speed of all pages of your website.

A recent update in March by Google Algorithm, It dropped the rankings of certain websites with poor loading Speeds. They have officially announced the page loading speed as a ranking factor in Search Engine Results Page.

Use GtMatrix tools to check the speed of your website.

8. Responsive Website Highly Recommended !

Today 70% of the users are using mobile devices in Google searches. It is equally important that your website is responsive to mobile devices also with tablets and desktops.

First thing you need to do is to test your website whether it is mobile friendly or not. You can use Google Mobile-Friendly Tool, and if it shows any errors, You must fix those on priority.

9. Optimize With Meta Tags

Last but not least important factor, Meta Tags are still playing a vital role in Google rankings. In meta description, You can add your keywords in addition to your summary of your article.

You must add the right call to actions to attract more visitors to your website. You can write a meta description of fewer than 160 characters only.

Meta descriptions must be unique for every page.

Well, Semrush is the most popular tool globally it covers all of the above tasks. Its help you to search by depth for every website status. 

I love this tool because it helps me a lot to achieve my website goals. Organic traffic is free but you need to invest some money to get help from this awesome tool.

Latest On Page SEO checklist 2019 for you –

If you have read the complete article so far, the main tips of the above article are summarized in this checklist below-

  • Do Make sure; you understand now What is On Page SEO.
  • Do Make sure; You Publish only original, useful and well-researched content
  • Do Review and optimize your blog post titles by adding your focused and LSI keywords, power words and numbers.
  • Do Add a unique meta description for all your pages or posts. It must include your keywords also.
  • Have you research LSI and related keywords to avoid Keyword stuffing and add them in your headings and content.
  • Make sure that your post has only one Heading (H1) tag.
  • Optimize your images by adding the keyword in File name & Alt text
  • Make sure your website’s URLs are SEO Friendly. Your URL Structure also clearly states about your website content.
  • Don’t forget to add internal links to your content.
85 / 100 SEO Score


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