3 Steps To Execute The Skyscraper Technique

You must have already heard about Brian Dean’s Link Building Strategy. Brian Dean named it a Skyscraper technique in 2015. If you want to learn how you can execute this strategy for your Blog, you are in the right place.

Table of Contents

A) What is the Skyscraper Technique

B) How to execute the Skyscraper Technique

1. User Intent

   1. What is User Intent

   2. Types of User Intent

   3. Figure Out User Intent

   4. Satisfy User Intent

   5. Optimise for UX Signals

      1. Maximise Dwell Time

      2. Maximise organic CTR

      3. Minimise bounce rate

2. Find relevant content to niche with many backlinks

3. Create better content than existing ones

4. Find Out the right prospect and to outreach them

   1. Sending only personalised mail

   2. Do Segment your prospects

   3. Do Find more prospects from existing ranking pages

   4. Reach out to prospects who have linked to outdated and low-quality content

C) Conclusion

Skyscraper Technique

What is the skyscraper Technique

Brian Dean based on his research & Experience released a link building strategy in 2015. He used that strategy and gained more than 11% success rate in his blog’s traffic.

After using his link Building Technique, He almost doubled his organic traffic within 14 days only.

Brian Dean called it the Skyscraper Technique.

And I think It will not be wrong to add that It took the SEO world by storm.

Now the question arises.

How to execute the SkyScraper technique in your blog.

Sometimes we do write some good articles, but we do not get the targeted traffic as it should be.

You have great content, good & quality backlinks and some social media shares also.

Still, something is missing that you are not getting the traffic.

Remember one thing always Google’s only goal to make user super happy.

Here comes the user Intent. First, We need to understand

  1. What is User Intent?

   ​If you add User Intent and SEO together, This will lead you to Higher Rankings.

   User Intent means what the goal behind Google Search is. Google algorithm Rank Brain majorly works on Users Intent and their search patterns.

   2. Types of User Intent –

      There are four types of User Intent.

      1. Informational Intent – When someone is entering any informational query in Google that means they are looking for information. Hence, the name specified.

         ​    Example – If someone is searching for ‘What is the birth date of Mahatma Gandhi? ‘

      2. Navigational Intent – When a searcher is looking for a desired result or website, Then it’s the navigational query.

             Example – If someone is searching for ‘Youtube.’

      3. Commercial Intent – If someone is looking for information related to making a purchase decision, Is a commercial Intent

             Example – If someone searches for ‘Samsung Mobile Review.’

      4. Transactional Intent – If someone is entering on google for making a transaction, such as to purchase or to buy online

             Example – If someone is searching for ‘Buy Mobile.’

   3. Figure Out User Intent –

     Before writing a blog, You must research for User Intended Keywords. First thing comes first, which user intent matches your blog.

   4. Satisfy User Intent –

      Once you get these keywords, Then you must write a great & in-depth content that can satisfy the user’s query fully.

   5. Optimize for UX Signals –

      So far, You have got the user intended keywords and the best in-depth content if you have not put everything in the clean & simplistic way to the user.

      You must focus on User experience as it is a ranking factor for Google also. Google also focuses on below said three points as a ranking signal for any website.

      1. Maximising Dwell Time

      2. Maximising organic CTR

      3. Minimising the bounce rate

Things You Should Avoid While Link building

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2. Find relevant content with lots of backlinks

   Now the problem arises, How to choose the topic to write. We at first need to do keyword research related to our niche. If you know how to use Ahrefs, This will help you in the best manner.   Ahrefs will show you three things so you can finalise the topic to write-

   a) Referring Domains of your competitor’s Website

   b) By using site explorer filter those backlinks

   c) Now Use content explorer to know the potential of your searches

3. Make Content even better

   Now you have got the content you have to beat. You have reached your keywords, Competitors & Topic search.

   It’s the right time to make your content super better than existing ones. Here, four things are recommended to improve the content.

   a) Length – If the current post lists 20 tips, You add 30 tips.

   b) Freshness – If the content is outdated, update it with new images, videos, graphics & other information.

   c) Design – Content is never about words only. It must appeal to your visitors visually too.

   d) Depth – Do not just add the content lengthier but you need to make it actionable.

4. Reach out to the Right People

   Now you are ready with Content, Next & important step it to Email Outreach. Do not think to spam every blogger you know in your niche. It would be best if you reached out to only those who have linked to your content already.

   How you will do Email outreach, the next question arises?

   1. Sending only personalised mail

      In Brian Dean’s original skyscraper post, he has recommended using an email template. Some of his recommended Email templates are –

          a) Hey (Name), I found your blog post: https://blog-post

          b) (generic appreciation)

          c) I have made something better: https://blog-post

      Many of the SEO experts copy this format and send the same templates to everyone. If someone has already got the same email before, they will delete it before reading.

      It is highly recommended to personalise the email as much as you can and then send to your prospects.

   2. Do Segment your prospects

      Never send the same email to all of your prospects. I know It is not possible to send everyone a 100% unique mail. 

      You can segment all your prospects based on the context they have linked earlier.

   3. Do Find more prospects from existing ranking pages

      If you think you have limited prospects so far and you want to have more prospects. Google is always there at your side.

      You can do a quick google search and get millions of results for your keyword.

   4. Reach out to prospects who have linked to outdated and low-quality content

      No one ever likes to link to outdated content. You can find a hidden opportunity there.

      You go and find out the website owners and ask them to link to your new ‘Skyscraper Technique.’


Some SEO experts have poorly failed in using ‘SkyScraper Technique’, and Some has got tremendously hike in their organic traffic. It entirely depends on the topic what you have chosen.

As per my expertise, If you apply the Skyscraper technique to a hot topic where more people are searching for it, You will get super impressive results.

If you use the Skyscraper Technique for a topic where low search volume is there, I feel sorry to say You might get poor results.

It is highly recommended to choose your topic wisely & don’t forget to share your results here in the comment section below.

Step 1: Content Assessment. We will personally look at the content you got and make sure it’s suitable for competitor link building (we don’t want you to waste your money on something that has sub-optimal ROI).

Step 2: Order Processing. We send you an invoice and get the payment processed.

Step 3: Prospecting. We start looking for pages that we can take links from, look for contacts and first names.

Step 4: Inspecting. We check every single lead manually to ensure their quality (i.e. no PBNs and other shady stuff).

Step 5: Personalization. We personalize each and every email so to increase your chances of getting links.

Step 6: Reply Management. We manage all the “paperwork” and email replies, forwarding you anything important (e.g. business opportunities; we get those pretty often).

Step 7: Link Negotiations. We have a ton of experience negotiating for links and we try hard to get them.

78 / 100 SEO Score

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