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Staying Informed is the best trick you can use in the digital marketing industry. However, you may not attain this if you are not an extensive researcher. Learning new skills in the industry will help you to remain competitive and relevant.

In digital marketing, there will always be something new you can learn because it is a continually changing industry with new trends, technology, and strategies; it is a growing industry.

As you look to become a digital marketing expert, there are several blogs you need to get the latest news and information. This article highlights on top digital marketing blogs you can subscribe and their respective website URLs.

The Moz Blog

Moz blog

It is the best of SEO and digital marketing blogs you can find online today. SEO is a massive part of digital marketing, and this blog helps you to keep up to date on the best SEO practices, trends, and information.

This blog can be useful for experienced and beginner SEO specialists by helping them improve their SEO knowledge. It is absolutely the perfect blog if you want to understand SEO and advance to another level.

Content Marketing institute

Content Marketing Institute This blog has taken the digital world by storm in recent years. Content marketing institute was among the first digital marketing blogs that highlighted the importance of content in digital marketing. Content marketing institute offers the best information relating to trends in content marketing and best practices in the industry.


Semrush This blog was founded in 2008 by a group of IT and SEO specialists who wanted to make the online space fair with equal opportunities for all people. Since its inception, this blog has grown to become the global leader in online marketing research. It makes SEMRush a perfect blog to subscribe. Their blog provides information about several topics like SEO, SEM, Content marketing, etc. SEMRush tackles these topics intensely giving you the latest updates.


Buffer blog

This platform is common to individuals, brands, agencies, and businesses that want to drive social media results. It has always ranked as one of the best resources for marketers both experienced and new marketers.

Buffer’s primary focus is on social media research and advice, which includes strategies, analytics, and social media tools.

However, it sometimes ventures into more broad topics like useful marketing tools, design tips, and other issues that may be relating to marketing.



Copyblogger is a hub of content marketing and copywriting postings which can help you build your online presence.

It lays a lot of emphasis on content marketing, and all forms of copy businesses use to build working relationships and sell their products.

For writers, Copy blogger is the best digital marketing blog to follow. Understanding how you can market what you write and how to sell it out is a good step.



If you want to market using your content or you’re simply a content marketer, this is the best blog for you. It gives tips about content marketing in depth.

Coschedule mainly offers information on blogging and other social media tips to bring about efficiency and effectiveness.

Social Media Examiner

Social media examiner

Social media examiner has lots of information put in tutorials and articles that focus on how to use social media effectively.

It is an excellent digital marketing blog, especially for those who are struggling to make profits out of social media. You can find information on how to create traffic, connect to customers, and improve sales.

Marketing Land

Marketing land blog

It is a great resource for learning, especially for advertising campaign managers and digital marketing executives.

This digital marketing blog gives daily updates on breaking news, new trends, product changes, and feature announcements.

They also venture into marketing analytics, social engine marketing, mobile marketing, and social media with blog posts that cover all these topics.

Neil Patel


It is a digital marketing blog that deals with the latest marketing content you’ll ever find on the net. It includes fascinating articles and video tutorials to help you learn new skills.

It is an excellent blog for every digital marketer. Because it deals with how to optimize your website’s landing pages, increase email sign-ups, and leverage emotions.

Marketing profs

Best 50 Digital Marketing Blogs 1

This digital marketing blog focuses on provides extensive research articles and infographics on various digital marketing topics.

As a marketer, this blog can help you to access marketing tools, strategies, discussion forums, and online seminars, which will help you become a digital marketing expert.

It also includes educational materials that can be a source of information on a variety of types of marketing, including email and social media marketing.

Search Engine round Table

Search Engine round Table

This Digital marketing blog gives you a more broad view of search engines and search engine marketing. It mainly ventures into reporting on various threads that take place in SEM forums.

It focuses on five segments of the web population, which has senior members of SEO or SEM forums as representatives.



It is one of the top content creators you can find out there. It mainly focuses on inbound marketing as envisioned by the founder.

The content you’ll find on this digital marketing blog covers topics that are beyond inbound marketing bus still relevant to marketers.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is one of the top digital marketing blogs that focuses deep into search engine marketing. It provides the latest news, SEO tips, etc. and also general information for marketers.

The content you are likely to find here deals with all digital marketing disciplines with tips and tactics of running a successful marketing campaign.

Convince and Convert

Convince and convert

Jay Baer created this digital marketing blog, and it covers a wide variety of topics.  With posts that will offer you tips on digital marketing and useful digital marketing practices.

This blog also gives the latest updated on industry trends to keep marketers on high alert.

Samantha Marketing

Samantha Marketing

Samantha marketing is a digital marketing blog that teaches marketers how to put digital marketing into use. It includes the latest information in the industry with a focus on relevant topics.

Samantha marketing is helpful to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers. It will help you as a marketer to get the most out of your marketing skills.



This digital marketing blog provides information about online users. It can help you find out the latest in the industry and what is outdated.

It teaches on topics dealing with Conversion optimization (CRO). It also helps you know exactly where your site visitors click on by using scroll maps, heat maps, recordings, and A/B testing.

Search Engine Watch

Search engine watch

It is a digital marketing blog that provides articles and guides on analytics, social, search mobile, etc. You can learn how to search the web and how to analyze the search engine industry.

It can also be helpful to website owners who want to be found easily by search engines. Having SEO knowledge will help you to build an online presence that is bigger and better than competitors.



Helpscout mainly ventures into customer satisfaction. However, it includes a lot of posts that can be helpful to digital marketers.

The posts that you’ll find here mostly focus on how to understand consumers and how to communicate with them effectively. Therefore, as a digital marketer, this blog can be resourceful to you.

Social Media Explorer

Social Media Explorer

It is a digital marketing blog the mainly focuses on social media. However, it sometimes ventures into topics that relate to virtual reality and influencer marketing.

Social media explorer is a valuable source of information on the latest trends and news for marketers. Learning the power of social media is a good way to help you to stay on top.

Spin Sucks

Spin sucks

Spin sucks focus on PR and digital marketing intending to keep marketing ethical. This digital marketing blog focuses on marketing topics.

In addition to that, it also provides marketers with tips on networking — even advice on productivity with articles that also focus on UX and SEO.

30 more digital marketing blogs want to read


Unbounce helps you to learn how you can optimize your website’s conversion and performance. You learn how to use page elements like Sticky Bars, popups, and also UI to maximize your site.

Without using developers, you can use UnBounce’s conversion marketing and landing page platform to create, launch, and test high converting landing pages, sticky bars, and popups.

The SEM Post

The SEM Post is a digital marketing blog that focuses on the search marketing industry with the latest information.

It will help you learn why search marketing is essential and what impact it can have on your business. Besides, it also gives insights on PPC, SEO, content strategy, and social media.

The verge

This blog deals with a lot of content that is not related to marketing like virtual reality, robotics technology, etc.

However, it is also a useful tool for trending news on search and social media. Therefore, you can use it to get information about the social media industry.


It is a digital marketing blog that ventures into topics related to marketing personalization. It is a strategy to increase profits because digital marketing has the main objective of generating money.

It also includes topics on how to accomplish one-to-one marketing, how to test it, and general trends in commerce.


Mark Schaeffer established this digital marketing blog. For many years, it has been providing information on digital marketing.

It generally deals with, general marketing advice, analysis on what’s happening in the marketing world and what marketers should expect in the future.

Duct tape marketing

Duct tape marketing is a digital marketing blog that puts a lot of focus on advising owners of small businesses that don’t operate on a big budget.

However, some postings may be helpful to a significant and established business. This blog is worth checking out for whichever size of business.


This digital marketing blog goes out of its way to educate marketers on ways of connecting with customers without strictly following the rules of marketing.

The posts you’ll find on this blog will give you a broader view of what marketing is rather than only giving best practices and tips.

Peg Fitzpatrick blog

This digital marketing blog gives excellent insights, especially for people who want information on social media marketing strategies.

It will help you to learn how you can become more efficient and also provide you with lots of other information about the industry.

John Doherty

John Doherty, a blogger, marketer, and entrepreneur, developed this digital marketing blog to help businesses, individuals, and agencies learn excellent marketing tips.

If that is what you’re looking for, then this is the blog you should never miss out.

Rebekah Radice

This blog by Radice gives the best tips on how you can make use of your online presence as a marketer. It also helps you to strengthen your social media marketing skills.

This digital marketing blog is essential for you. Especially if your main aim is to learn ways, you can make use of your online presence. You can also learn how you can connect to your customers.

Online behavior

This digital marketing blog was established by Daniel Waisberg to provide information on web analytics, conversion optimization strategies, and techniques for measuring your marketing.

Online behavior is one of the best blogs for you to check out if you’re interested in knowing how your online visitors behave and respond to your marketing strategy.

Quick sprout

Quick sprout is a digital marketing blog by Neils Patel that provides you with inspiration, practical advice, and some essential marketing tips.

It is a must-read for any marketer who wants to improve themselves by learning online marketing and staying ahead of their competition.

Jenn’s trends

Jenn Herman came up with this digital marketing blog to provide marketers with information about reports, advice, and case studies.

It is an excellent digital marketing blog also for marketers who are interested in getting tips on how to market on social media.

AdHawk Blog

AdHawk is a digital marketing blog that focuses on providing marketers with advice, tips, and what to do to get the most out of their social media marketing efforts.

It is a great blog to visit as a marketer who wants to improve their social media marketing skills and make a killing out of it.

Mathew Woodward

This digital marketing blog is of great use both for digital marketing experts and anyone that is starting.

It provides bloggers with exceptional insights and step by step guides on how to build their online business and make it successful and profitable.

Digital Marketer

If you are interested in learning how to maximize your Return on investment (ROI), then Digital Marketer is the blog to find necessary information.

This digital marketing blog gives excellent tips on how you can build products and advice on how you can sell the product.

The copy bot

Damian Farnworth is the brain behind this digital marketing blog. If you want to understand how you can build a clear and concise compelling copy, then the copy bot will teach you exactly that.

For any marketer, it is an excellent blog that will enrich you with all the information you need on creating a compelling copy.

User Testing

This digital marketing blog provides relevant information for marketers who are interested in designing their marketing campaign while putting significant consideration on user experience.

If you’re interested in that, then User testing is the perfect blog for you.

Hootsuite Social blog

For marketers who want to understand how they can make use of social media strategies. That is available on different social media platforms; this is the perfect digital marketing blog.

Hootsuite social blog will provide you with tips and advice on how to get the most out of social media platforms.

Copy Hackers

Copy hackers digital marketing blog will help you learn how to make your copy convert. If that is what you are looking for, it will provide you with the information.

On this blog, you will access tips and advice that are 100% actionable from professionals.


This digital marketing blog is an excellent source of information about topics such as marketing, research, and opinions.

It is a must-read, especially for marketers who want to make their online presence felt.

Boost Blog Traffic

It is a digital marketing blog that was designed by John morrows. Boost blog traffic provides excellent insights on how you can improve your content and also your marketing efforts.

In addition to that, you will also find a free e-book by John Morrows that covers everything on headline hacks.

The future Buzz

Future buzz is an essential resource for both entrepreneurs and marketers. This digital marketing blog will provide you with tips on how you can increase your online presence.

You can also check out this blog if you are interested in understanding internet marketing and how to get the most out of it.

Calculated Risk

Bill McBride is the founder of this digital marketing blog. This blog has a background in finances, management, and economics.

It provides a lot of information for marketers, and it’s useful in all your professional undertakings.


This digital marketing blog is all about increasing your efficiency when using social media as a marketing tool.

You need to check out this blog if you want to learn how you can connect to customers, optimize your branding efforts, and make more sales.


Econsultancy focuses on general digital marketing and also goes deep into specific niches in the industry.

Checking out this digital marketing blog will help you to learn more on how to integrate the latest trends and follow best practices to market your business online.

Econsultancy will help you also learn if your interests are on the line of B2B, B2C or fashion and healthcare. Their posts are relevant to any business and can help you achieve your objectives.


Socialfresh posts include alternative media in them. On this digital marketing blog, you can find several topics put in the form of speeches, videos, and presentations.

Topics you will find on social fresh will help you to learn more about how you can use social media and the changes that are happening in the industry.

One good thing about this blog is that it provides an excellent way to learn. Especially for people that don’t have time to read articles or those who don’t fin dreading interesting.


This digital marketing blog provides fantastic information, from marketing campaign insight to tech and gadget coverage.

PSFK provides articles that focus on technology and also predictions on what changes may take place in the future.

Curious readers will find this blog useful because of the exciting topics and questions that you can find on it.

Top Rank marketing

This digital marketing blog has for years, ranked as one of the best blogs in the industry. It mainly deals with posts on how you can get the best out of social media as a marketer.

This blog will help you to be informed on the latest in the industry and learn new tactics on how you can maintain a competitive position in the industry.

Social media today

This digital marketing blog provides an initial analysis of the industry and also covers the latest news and information that may be relevant to you as a marketer.

The editorial team in social media today publishes excellent articles that cover on the latest in the industry and various trends in the changing industry.

This digital marketing blog is the best to check out if you need to stay on top of the competition and also stay informed on the latest.


The digital marketing blogs listed above should offer the knowledge that you need as a marketer to stay ahead of your competitors and also get information about new trends.

For any marketer, subscribing to this digital marketing blogs will bring you the latest on your email. You can be sure that you won’t miss out on any piece of information

As indicated earlier, these blogs have the latest news, trending data, and also tactics you can use whether you are an individual, a business, or an agency.

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